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Photography by Dave Krueger of Huntsville, Alabama

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flickr-6369994513.jpg TISF-sept-2011_3ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_5TISF-sept-2011_3ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_5TISF-sept-2011_3ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_5TISF-sept-2011_3ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_5TISF-sept-2011_3ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_5TISF-sept-2011_3ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_5TISF-sept-2011_3ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_5

This is a 40 foot tall metal sculpture of a naked dancing woman from the 2010 Burning Man festival in Nevada. It would have been fun to experiment with this as a B&W photographic subject using medium and large format cameras. I'll bet you could get some interesting lighting perspectives on this in the early morning and evening sun.

Dave Krueger
Posted on
Sunday 13 May 2018
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