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Scans of Darkroom Prints by Dave Krueger of Huntsville, Alabama

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flickr-6369994617.jpg TISF-sept-2011_6ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_4TISF-sept-2011_6ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_4TISF-sept-2011_6ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_4TISF-sept-2011_6ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_4TISF-sept-2011_6ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_4

This was one of two brand new barracks where I lived back in 1971 when I went to the U.S. Navy's ET "A" school. While we didn't go inside, there are pictures on the web that show that the inside is completely covered with graffiti.

Dave Krueger
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Sunday 13 May 2018
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