City Shadows Gallery

Scans of Darkroom Prints by Dave Krueger of Huntsville, Alabama

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flickr-6369994725.jpg TISF-sept-2011_7ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_5TISF-sept-2011_7ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_5TISF-sept-2011_7ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_5TISF-sept-2011_7ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_5TISF-sept-2011_7ThumbnailsTISF-sept-2011_5

This was one of two brand new barracks where I lived back in 1971 when I went to the U.S. Navy's ET "A" school. While we didn't go inside, there are pictures on the web that show that the inside is completely covered with graffiti.