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Scans of Darkroom Prints by Dave Krueger of Huntsville, Alabama

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Bettie Page Store - Haight-Ashbury (105080-10)

flickr-9217986057.jpg ThumbnailsHaight-Ashbury (105080-9)ThumbnailsHaight-Ashbury (105080-9)ThumbnailsHaight-Ashbury (105080-9)ThumbnailsHaight-Ashbury (105080-9)ThumbnailsHaight-Ashbury (105080-9)

Nikon F100 with SIgma 28-70 f2.8 lens..
TMY2 (TMax 400) at EI 400
Developed in Xtol 1:1.
Printed on Adorama RC Glossy 8x10. Burned in upper left corner and lower left side. Developed in Dektol 1:2. Contrast filter #3.