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Mother's Day Train Ride (105290-25)

flickr-9242195203.jpg ThumbnailsMother's Day Train Ride (105290-12)ThumbnailsMother's Day Train Ride (105290-12)ThumbnailsMother's Day Train Ride (105290-12)ThumbnailsMother's Day Train Ride (105290-12)ThumbnailsMother's Day Train Ride (105290-12)

North Alabama Railroad Museum Train Ride, May 11, 2013.
Nikon F100 w/28-70mm F2.8 Sigma lens.
Delta 3200 @ EI 1600, developed in Xtol 1:1.
Printed on Adorama RC Glossy 8x10. Preflashed. Main exposure was with #3 filter followed by a #00 burn-in of the windows and lights using a custom shaped paper dodge mask and then finally a #00 edge burn.
Print developed in Dektol 1:2.

Dave Krueger
Created on
Monday 8 July 2013
Posted on
Sunday 13 May 2018
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