City Shadows Gallery

Scans of Darkroom Prints by Dave Krueger of Huntsville, Alabama

Local Huntsville photo outing April 22, 2012. I have hundreds of prints from one-day photo expeditions like this. I'll go out and photograph some local place of interest for anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. Then, over a few days I'll print the pictures, after which they are stuffed in boxes, maybe never to be seen again. Occasionally I will scan a few of the prints and post them on a social network or on this site. They are a crude amateurish form of art, but I do it because I enjoy doing it, not because I'm any good at it. :-) Being obsessive about order and consistency, I handle all these prints with cotton gloves and, for several years now, every print I make is selenium toned to improve Dmax and placed in acid free storage. I treat them like they will go to the National Archives when I die instead of the local landfill where most amateur "art" ends up.